"How to Get the Best Message/Media Training
in the Country for Less than 10% of What Others Are Paying"
4-Week Media Message Training with Allen Media Strategies for Just $997
or 3 Payments of Just $350
(one-on-one training costs
10-20X that much!)  
  • One-on-one media training is just too expensive for most people, so we are offering a much more affordable option by doing the training in an online group setting.
  • ​We will only accept up to 10 people for this program. We’re keeping the number of people to a minimum so that we can give maximum attention to our participants. 
  • ​The training will have four weekly sessions during the month of May 2020. They will run approximately 90 minutes each.  
  • ​Each module will include a live teaching component as well as opportunities for you to interact with, practice, and get feedback from me as well as your classmates. 
  • ​We will also include four phone Q&A sessions. These will occur two days after each module & will run approximately 45 minutes or until I’ve answered all of your questions.
Here's the Schedule:

Module 1 - Crafting Your Message

Sept 15: 8 - 9pm EST; 5 - 6pm PST
Creating your message is the most important piece of the puzzle. 
Homework assigned should be completed by May 6th.

Phone Q&A - Re: Crafting

Sept 17: 8 - 9pm EST; 5 - 6pm PST

Module 2: Understanding Your Different Media Options

Sept 22: 8 - 9pm EST; 5 - 6pm PST
The Differences between doing television, radio, print and online interviews. Homework assigned should be completed by May 13th.

Phone Q&A - Re: Media Options

Sept 24: 8 - 9pm EST; 5 - 6pm PST

Module 3: The Art of the Pitch

Sept 29: 8 - 9pm EST; 5 - 6pm PST
How do you land the big interviews? This is what you need to bring to the table. Homework assigned should be completed by May 20th.

Phone Q&A - Re: Pitching

Oct 1: 8 - 9pm EST; 5 - 6pm PST

Module 4: Maximizing Your Results

Oct 6: 8 - 9pm EST; 5 - 6pm PST
Bringing it all together and maximizing your interviews. Homework assigned should be completed by May 27th.

Phone Q&A - Re: Maximizing Your Results

Oct 8: 8 - 9pm EST; 5 - 6pm PST
What Others Say About Us
“I’m so proud to have Burke Allen as a key member of Team Landau. He really gets P.R. and knows everyone in the media; it seems like any time I go to do an interview with a TV station, radio station or newspaper, they know Burke. And his attention to detail and hard work are awesome. He’s my boy… love him.”
Landau Eugene Murphy Jr.
America’s Got Talent winner and best selling recording artist -www.LandauMurphyJr.com
“Your team has worked nonstop to promote the book and secure print, radio, TV and magazine interviews. Thank you for your commitment to this project.”
Robert Vera
Author of hit Navy SEALS book “A Warrior’s Faith" – www.AWarriorsFaith.com
“I have worked with some of the biggest publicity firms in the country and Burke Allen’s Allen Media Strategies is as good as it gets.”
Andrew Klavan
Hollywood screenwriter and award-winning best selling author – www.AndrewKlavan.com
"Allen Media Strategies is an incredible PR firm and I am lucky to have them in my corner"
Kevin D Miller
Author of Heart of Steel – http://heartofsteelbook.com
“Burke is one of the most knowledgable media consultants I have ever worked with. He not only has extensive knowledge in developing winning station formats but his business and marketing expertise is limitless. Burke’s network of contacts is also very impressive and I am constantly amazed at his personal and professional friends in the industry.”
Lee Love
Advertising/Editorial/People Photographer – www.LeeLove.com
“Burke produces great results. He is easy to work with, smart and very savvy about the business. Burke Allen positions his clients for ultimate success. Highly recommended.”
Debbi Dachinger
Success & Media Expert, Syndicated Talk Radio Host, Speaker, Bestselling Author
“I have been so pleased working with Burke Allen. His knowledge of the field, his insight and his genuine sense of caring for my success is amazing. Burke has been able to discuss my career goals with me and help to keep me focused on the goal while not getting stuck or diverted by the daily ‘stuff’ that can alter the course.I think every professional entertainer, or speaker should have Burke on his or her team.”
David Parker
Award winning children’s entertainer and author of “The Best Me I Can Be” children’s book series
“Burke Allen is a wonderful guy to have in your corner. He’s a creative, think-outside-the-box kind of guy who has tons of connections that he shares with his clients. More importantly, Burke is a true ally – someone who truly values his clients’ success and does everything he can to achieve it – and a great motivator.”
Armin Brott
Syndicated newspaper and radio personality and author of best selling book series on fatherhood, including The Expectant Father, Fathering Your Toddler and The New Father – www.ArminBrott.com
“Burke and his team at Allen Media Strategies are consummate professionals who consistently exceeded my highest expectations. In my opinion, the best in the business.”
Jason Lethcoe
Award winning Disney animator and children’s author 
“Thanks to you and your team Burke – more than 3 minutes is an eternity in television so I feel very lucky to have had this great coverage. It aired across nearly half of the state!”
Lisa Maxbauer Price
Nutritional journalist and author/photographer of "Squash Boom Beet" – www.SquashBoomBeet.com
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